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Hi everyone! We sold Cardcanva, and our business is in transition with a new version!
Meet Cardcrisp soon, the easiest way to access and edit your template in your web browser and get the exact design you want!

About Cardcrisp

Hey, I'm Clelia, Cardcrisp co-founder! So nice to meet you

I'm here to help you edit and print your printable templates the EASY way, and allowing you to save time and money for your party planning!

I'm an Adobe certified graphic designer selling my templates on Etsy. I'm so grateful to be able to create invitations and party printables for my clients' most important life moments and allowing them to save money by editing and printing the party printables themselves.

However the only software available to edit printable templates is Adobe© Acrobat Reader and my clients found it very frustrating: they had trouble downloading the correct software version, it didn't work well on MAC, the fonts disappear in the templates, the only available format is PDF - which is not accepted by half of the printers...

The templates were also difficult to edit: the texts & design elements couldn't be moved around and there were very few font choices.

So I said, fine, there must be a better way to edit printable templates, and we brought Cardcrisp to life.

Cardcrisp makes editing templates so much easier. With Cardcrisp, all the texts, backgrounds and fonts are editable! Cardcrisp also includes 150+ fonts, colors and backgrounds so you will get the EXACT look you want. You can then download the PDF and JPG files to print with ANY printer.

We created Cardcrisp thinking about all the cool things you could create. We believe in your amazing creativity and that everyone including you could be a party planning champ :-) #rockyourparty

We hope you give Cardcrisp a try and love it as much our clients love it.

Clelia Cardcrisp co-founder

Clelia, Cardcrisp Co-founder

Our Team


Co-Founder and UX designer
Tell me more about yourself? I’m responsible of everything behind the scenes! From accounting to software to market strategy! I’m also the UX designer of Cardcrisp. I make sure everything looks as pretty as it is easy to use!
What do you like the most about Cardcrisp? Being a creative at heart, I like that we are able to edit the fonts but also the colors and the background. My favorite one is the wood rustic background!
What's your favorite party moment? I love bridal and baby shower games! It's such a fun way to connect with friends and share amazing memories together.
Secret weapon I'm a Cat whisperer (according to myself :-)


Software engineer and Tech Enthusiast
Tell me more about yourself? I’m responsible for everything tech-related at Cardscrisp: back-end and app coding mainly!
What do you like the most about Cardcrisp? I like how Cardcrisp is easy to use and solves the problems all the other template editors have. I like how it makes editing templates so easy from the beginning to the end.
Secret weapon I built a 5000+ pieces lego in 2 days, oh yeah!


Co-founder, Art director and SM manager
Tell me more about yourself? I’m the in-house graphic designer and brand designer of Cardscrisp. I’m also the Social Media manager and I manage our Pinterest accounts as well as our Etsy shops!
What do you like the most about Cardcrisp? I love how easy it is for anyone to edit a design by changing the font, the background and all the colors.
What's your favorite party moment? I can’t think of a specific moment. I love so many moments I spend with my family and friends!
Secret weapon I’m a Taylor Swift fan and I know a lot of her lyrics (is it a secret weapon?!)


PR and Community Manager
Tell me more about yourself? I've been in the PR industry for more than 10 years, Cardcrisp is a good opportunity for me to work from beautiful Socal with a more flexible schedule. I manage clients accounts, answer all inquiries and spread the word about Cardcrip!
What do you like the most about Cardcrisp? I often organize last minute parties so I LOVE how Cardcrisp allows me to go from editing a Template to printing it at home in 10 minutes!
What's your favorite party moment? I love small, beautiful moments: like when the bride walks in at the reception room - and all the loved ones and families are here ... I love to feel all the love and excitement.
Secret weapon I cook the best macaroni-cheese and was featured in a magazine for my secret recipe!

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